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Why you ask?

NFTs are here to completely revolutionize digital art and the gaming industry, and the Cardano Blockchain has one of the BEST set of brains working on the subject.

This project is being made by a set of very passionate individuals who decided to collaborate and innovate with Cardano Native Tokens.

You’ll be able not only to buy and trade the Li’l Goats Collectibles but also play an engaging top-down battle royale style game to earn tokens! You will also be contributing to social causes in northeast Brazil.


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Our Li'l Game is Brewing!

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Join Li'l Goats discord server and keep updated on the news and announcements with our vibrant community!

We Commit To Good Causes!

Li’l Goats Collectible and Playable NFTs

Help us Fight Carbon Emission and Poverty in North East of Brazil!

Our team made a serious commitment to making the world a better place.

Li’l Goats Leading Team lives in northeastern Brazil, and we decided to give away 10% of ALL Li’l Goats proceeds to helping our local communities, by funding the planting of more trees and helping poorest cities in our region.

Our decision was made based on the fact that Northeast concentrates a value proportional to 47.9% of the concentration of poverty in Brazil, yes, practically half of all the country.

10% of ALL Li'l Goats Proceeds will go into good causes!


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Help us finish this Li'l Project! Contribute and help our team keep hyped!
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