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v1.0-rc – Launch of Release Candidate for Alpha

27 July - 2022 - @ 23:33

Team has been steadily working for almost a year now on the full infrastructure & artwork for the Lil Goats Game, and we are excited to announce that v1.0-rc is finally here!

This version includes ALL features that will compose our PVE game mode, including foundational features that will compose our future game modes such as PVP and Battle Royale.

image 1


  • PVE Mode (AKA, Adventure Mode) – Contains all mechanics around going out in an adventure, finding enemies to battle, and facing mighty characters like Caxito, and the Headless Mule along with the battle system.
  • Game Season System – Contains the logic and mechanics for accounting adventures in a given season (time period) in which players will compete to make more points.
  • Leaderboard System – Each season has its own leaderboard, and winners will win chests, items and NFTs.
  • Item / Chest System – Game items, and chest of items that can be consumed / earned in-game.
  • Wallet Connector – Allows integration with Cardano wallets, namely: Nami, Gero and Eternl (CCVault).


  • Unity – For the game development engine
  • NodeJS – Main API sits at 79 Endpoints and growing
  • Redis – Aggressive caching strategy with Redis
  • Koios – Cardano API for reading on-chain data
  • Cardano Serialization Lib – For tx construction and manipulation


  • PVP Battle System
  • Colyseus Multiplayer SDK implementation
  • Game Item NFT Forge